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ENGONARI is one of those firms called "design editor", editing contemporary designs for architecture and habitat, mainly for bathrooms, and other special projects around architecture. But we also edit books and haigh quality reproductions of photography regarding art and design, of course, but also birds.


Antonio Javier Sanz whole life has been linked to birds and birdshows at maximum level. He is Colour Canaries Judge since 1981 and Coloured Canaries International Expert Judge OMJ-COM since 1984, at 22 years old. In this long time he has been judging at maximum level in several countries and of course breeding and showing his champions, organizing small and big shows, ... Recently we have published his first book as writer and photographer, COLOURED CANARIES, MY OWN VIEW, with a grat succes and feedback from the most specialized breeders and judges in the world.

He is now working on some new books about exotics that will be published shortly.

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